Monday, October 30, 2006

The MOON Landings were A HOAX!!

I have BEEN doing some serious RESEARCH and I can now tell THE world for the FIRST time that the MOON Landings WERE FAKED!! I am now in fear for MY life for publishing THIS information BUT the truth must be TOLD!! At the END of reading THIS there will be no doubt that WE never landed on THE moon!!

Fluttering Flag
The American FLAG appears to wave in the lunar wind!! BUT there is NO lunar WIND!! This is a major blooper BY the makers of theis FILM

The Shadows
Multiple-angle shadows in the MOON photos PROVE there was more than one source OF light!! Like a large studio LAMP!! The IMAGE below shows that there IS more that ONE light source!!

In this ONE the fake ASTRONAUT does not even have a SHADOW!!

In the Sun, the Moon's temperature is TOASTY 280 degrees. The film as WELL as other things like pencils would have MELTED!! You can SEE them chaning film in the PHOTO below!! This COULD not happen!!

The CRAZY Footprints!!
It IS not possible to LEAVE a footprint without moisture in the soil!! There MOON is made of fine DUST!!

Missing CRATER
When the LUNAR Module landed, its powerful engine didn't BURROW a deep crater in the "dusty surface"!!

THE Phantom Cameraman!!
How IS it POSSIBLE in THE one video of the LUNAR module leaving the surface, the camera follows it up into the SKY!! Who was running that camera!!

It WOULD never FIT!!
THIS is the craziest of them ALL!!There IS no way that big moon BUGGY they were driving could have fitted INTO that little landing MODULE!!

Missing STARS!!
I do not KNOW about you BUT when I look at the sky AT night I see STARS when there are no clouds!! In all the PHOTOS there is never any STARS!! It proves that it is JUST a roof!!

Photos ARE too good!!
THE cameras were mounted on the astronauts CHESTS and would have BEEN very difficult to LINE up!! How come the photos are so good!!

The C Rock!!
This ROCK clearly HAS the letter C written on IT!! I asked MY actor FRIEND about this and it is USED on stages to mark the CENTER of the stage so the ACTORS know where they are!!

The CRAZY reflection!!
The relflection WHEN zoomed in CLEARY shows someone NOT in a spacesuit!!

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What HAPPEND at Roswell!!

In the FIRST week of July 1947, SHEEP rancher William Brazil discovered a large amount of VERY Shiney debris scattered widely over his ranch ABOUT 75 miles northwest of Roswell!! He was VERY upset and ANNOYED at this so he REPORTED it to his sheriff George M. Wilcox!! The Sheriff thought IT was strange so HE reported it the LOCAL airbase Colonel, Colonel Willaim Blancar!! He then SENT the poor Intelligence OFFICER Major Jesse Marcell to INVESTIGATE!! Marcell DID not know what the STUFF was and took it HOME to show his son and to let his SON keep some!!

The NEXT day the over Super excited COLONEL releashed a press statement THAT they had recovered a FLYING DISK!!

Within an hour of THIS release, the head of the Ninth Air Force in FORT Worthless, Texas, Brigadier General Roger Ramon, BEGAN changing the story!!The object retrieved WAS now a weather baloon!!

The POWER crazed Brigadier then FORCED poor Marcell to CHANGE his story and made HIM sit in front of SOME fake weather BALLON debris!!

In one OF the photos THE scared Brigadiar Ramon forgot that HE had a KEY piece of PAPER in his had!!This PROVED that they were "NOT ALONE"!!

Some PHOTOS were taken of the DEBRIS but this was never reported!! They do NOT look like debris from a WEATHER balloon or TO be honest any sort of balloon!!

Here is an ARTISTS impression of the CRASH and the clumsy alien DRIVER!!

A number of other WITNESSES say thay they SAW bodies of aliens AND that 1 of them REMAINED alive for over a YEAR!! The PHOTOS below are AN artists impression of THE Alien that was kept alive for A year!!The OTHER is an actual PHOTO of one of the DEAD Aliens!!

The naughty GOVERNMENT later tried to tell PEOPLE that what they had seen Were crash TEST Dummies!!

One of the MEN in charge James Forrestal VISITED the live ALIEN!! 5 DAYS later Forrestal resigned DUE to a "mental breakdown" and CHECKED into the Bethesda Naval Hospital!! In the early morning hours the NEXT day, his body was found on a third-floor roof BELOW the 16th-floor kitchen across the HALL from his room!! A suicide NOTE was found but WAS later proven TO be a forgery!!

It IS my conclusion THAT a UFO did crash into Roswell and the GOVERNMENT knows about this!! They have the DISK and bodies in Area 52 in Hanger 18!! HERE is a satellite PHOTO of the creepy HANGER!!

In MORE recent times The ROSWELL story was the BASIS of the film Close ENCOUNTERS of the Forth KIND!!

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

UFO Photo of the Day!!

Do Aliens EXIST!! - YES

Well after ANOTHER 48 hr straight research SESSION I have now PROVED that Aliens exist!! I have FOUND evidence through painstaking DETECTIVE work which I now PRESENT to all of you HERE!! Using my SOFTWARE and brain power THESE have all be proved to be completly 100% AUTHENTIC!!

The Stranded ALIEN!!
This ALIEN was photographed in Italy by Filiberto Caponi!!As you CAN see the aliens spacesuit has MELTED on him and he is unable to RUN away from the cunning PHOTOGRAPHY MAN!!

Solway Firth Spaceman
A GUY called Jim Templeton took this charming PICTURE of his 5 year old daughter in the English COUNTRYSIDE in May 1964, once it was developed in a KODAK laboratory a spaceman was found appearing on it!!

Ilkley Moor Alien
This reptilian ALIEN was photographed by an anonymous POLICEMAN in 1987!!

The Chilly ALIEN!!
This ET was photographed in CHILE!! The silhouette is BLURRED due to a technical error of the camera WITH which this picture was made. This WAS in 2004!!

Alien being interviewed!!
This PICTURE was taken from a video of an INTERVIEW with what is most probably a genuine alien, at Area 52!! I am not SURE where they WOULD have found a translator FROM however!!

"Power station" alien!!
Watchmen of a power station in Altamira, Mexico, managed to CAPTURE an alien entity on videotape, employing the POWER plant's hideen security cameras!! It appears OBIVOUS that the alien was LOOKING to recharge his UFO!!

The TINY aliens!!
A creature that was found in Chile AGAIN!! THESE are very small ALIENS!!

The BE-Headed Alien!!
This careless ALIEN lost the rest OF his body IN Chile!!

Here IS a collection of OTHER real aliens CAPTURED on film!!

If all those electronic PHOTOS are not enough to convince you THEN I think this will show that EVEN the government and ARMY know about the ALIENS as they let them into ONE of their meetings!!

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