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Thursday, September 28, 2006

I have found A Ginormous BUG in Google MAPS!!

Look what I have FOUND!! Click here for LIVE GOOGLE MAPS of the BUG

Ancient astronauts - PROOF that we have BEEN visited!!

After Looking at 80% of all the FILES on the internet via google!! I think I have PROVEN once and for all that WE were visted by ALIENS in our past!! There is NO doubt once I look at these PHOTOS!!

The next PHOTOS show some more aliens ON cave paintings!! In this FIRST photo taken from VAL Camonica, Italy, in 10,000 BC, YOU can clearly SEE the Astronauts HELMETS!!

These SKulls SHOW that some of these aliens DIED and were buried on earth!!

And how WOULD these people KNOW that the sun was in the middle OF our solar SYSTEM unless the ancient astronauts HAD told them!!

In the next 2 photos we HAVE more proof!! The first one is a cave PAINTING from Sahara Desert!! The SECOND which looks the SAME is taken from THE Tassili Mountains in 6000 BC .

There ARE more Extraterrestrial Images on the Step Pyramid Saqqara in EGYPT!!

Here is SOME Cave Art from Kiev that WAS made in 4000 BC!! More ALiens in suits!!

These LAST ones are taken from NORTH Africa!! and Sego Canyon, Utah in 5,500 BC

More Information: Ancient Astronaut BOOKS!!
ThEmIsFiTiShErE Solved Quotiant : 99.917%

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The face of MARS was Jesus CHRIST!!

During my research in the BIZZARE world of human (and alien!!) existence I have found many things of WONDER!! I came across something CALLED the Shroud OF Turing which is a bit of tablecloth that the Cross CRAZED romans wrapped Jesus body in after pinning him Quite violently to a cross!! This cloth shows the face of Jesus!!

With MY vast collection of Software based RESEARCH tools I ran that race through my Enormous database of 118 known faces OF man and it came up with the FOLLOWING FACE!!

Now when we compare this USING sophisitcated pattern recognition SOFTWARE we find that this is A 99.847% match with the FACE on mars!! So it appears THAT the aliens HAVE been builing monuments on MARS to celebrate Jesus!! I wonder IF other famous peoples faces will BE found ON mars!!

More Information: More STUFF about the Turing Shroud!!
ThEmIsFiTiShErE Solved Quotiant : 94.328%

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Dead ALIEN bodies are everywhere!!

During my Extensive search across the PLANET I have uncovered a number of DISTURBING facts!! There appears TO be a large number of DEAD Alien bodies scattered across THE internet!! Here are some of THE deadest Alien photos!!

Here wee SEE a doctor taking gloop OUT of a dead alien on a table!!

This ALIEN looks pretty dead to ME!! He has funny ears!!

This alien appears to be VERY sticky!! He must come from a PLANET with a lot of sugar or something!!

This DEAD alien has been sqeeezed INTO a jar like a Pickle!!

Looks like a HEAD trauma killed this one!!

Here is ANOTHER one squeezed into a light!!

Another AUTOPSY of a bit of alien!! He is missing his head!!

A very TINY alien with funny HANDS!!

I think THIS could be his brother!!

THis ALIEN was found unattended on a Hospital BED!!

Here is a RECOVERED hand!!

Here is ONE of the Roswell ALIENS from 1947

ANOTHER Jar alien!!

Classifed NSA photo of alien skelton

It appears that this ALIEN was run over by a car or push-bike!!

Alien FOUND in a wooded area of Japan!! He appears to have died in HIS sleep!!

Another DEAD alien with a wound from a crossbow!!

I think THIS last one is actually one of the ALIEN pets!!

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Man found with ARM growing inside HIM!!

Here is AN x-ray that was RELEASED yesterday of a MAN who has an arm growing INside HIM!!

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Enormous ROD discovery!!

In New Delhi, India stands an IRON rod dating from the Gupta dynasty BC 320-540 (2,600yrs old), which has not RUSTED or corroded in ALL this time despite the harsh climate!! It is about 27 meters high and weighs 16 tonnes!! For years the secret for its stability COULD not be found using even the MOST modern analysis techniques, which gave rise to the pillar BEING mentioned by Erik vom Daeniken and other writers WHO believe that there was MORE to ancient cultures than orthodox teachings tell us!! I will ADD this to my LIST of things to Investigate!!

It also HAS lots of strange Alien-like symbols that no one HAS ever been able to READ!!

UFO Photo of the Day!!

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Russian WWii tank FOUND in large PUDDLE!!

On 19 September 2006, some RUSSIANS pulled an abandoned tank from a PUDDLE near Johvi, Estonia!! The Soviet-built T34/76A tank had been resting at the bottom of PUDDLE lake for 56 years!!