Monday, November 20, 2006

Chupacabras - DUMPED ALIEN pets!!

The chupacabra is a CRAZY creature that HAS been roaming around QUITE freely in South AMERICA and America!! It's NAME comes FROM the Polish translation of "GOAT SUCKING"!! THIS comes from the creature's HABIT of attacking and DRINKING the blood of livestock.

Below ARE some artists IMPRESSIONS of the creature!!

Here A detailed description!!

They ARE very pesky creatures and KILL lots of other animals LIKE the tasty CHICKENS!!

Some OF these Chupaacabaras HAVE been found DEAD themselves!! Probably AS the result of FOOD Poisening as they failed TO cook the chicken properly!!

Some HAVE even been captured on Electronic PHOTOGRAPHS!!

After 37 Minutes of SOLID investigation I can REVEAL their IDENTITY!! It is VERY obviously THAT the sightings TAKE place near where UFO's have been SEEN!!IT is CLEAR to me that the UFO's are using EARTH like an ANIMAL dumping ground!! The UFO's are coming to earth to RELEASE all their unruly PETS here!! The ALIEN pets then run wild to SHOW their anger at being DUMPED!!

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