Thursday, February 08, 2007

Breaking NEWS!!Levitating Islands in Bermuda Triangle Observed by Spy Satellite

I will BE doing a FULL report of the WHOLE Bermuda triangle SOON but I had to break this EARTH shattering news to YOU all!! Not only will have I got NASA and ABC after me I will NOW have the dreaded SPY Satellite POLICE after me!! You can see the Islands in the Bermuda Triangle were photographed LEVITATING by as much as 10 miles off the surface of the OCEAN in this recently-declassified image from a U.S. SPY satellite!!

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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Monument of MARS!!

In my PREVIOUS post about the FACE of mars that was built by the Egyption slaves THIS will examine THE other buildings that WERE found on Mars!! This photo is the ORIGNAL taken by the human spacecraft!!

You can CLEARLY see some other buildings THAT we will now look at IN More detail!!

These CLEARLY show man or alien made Buildings!!

Lets LOOK again at the BIG pictures to SEE where all these objects are in relation TO each other!!

When WE compare these monuments AND Pyramids with THOSE of the ones in EGYPT we find they are both RELATED!!

Also WHEN we link up the MONUMENTS we see that a very SURPRISING pattern emerge!! This is THE Fibonacci Spiral that is well KNOWN in matheymatics!!

Now LOOK what happens when I join UP the dots!! This is PROOF that they were built by Egyption Mathematicians!!

There ARE 2 more things THAT I think proove this as well. The image BELOW is from the Martian surface and this IS followed by WHAT I believe the object was before it was buried BY evil aliens with SAND!!

Finally the biggest PROOF yet!! One of the Martian rovers captured THIS image whilst it was rolling around Merrily on the Martian roads.!! You can clearly see that this is a HAND of one of the Alien Pyramid project managers who obviously suffered AN accident!!

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Friday, January 26, 2007

The NASCAR Lines finally REVEALED!!

The Nascar Lines are gigantic geoglyphs located in the Nascar Desert in PERU!! They were CREATED by the Nascar CULTURE between 200 BC and 600 AD!!The Nazca lines cannot be recognized as coherent FIGURES except from the AIR in a spqceship!! This PROVES that they were BUILT by Alien Helpers so THAT they knew where THEY had lets there CRAZY alien pets!! LETS look at some of these CRAZY images!!

This IMAGE shows from SPACE how straight the LINES are!! They LOOK like a landing STRIP for the Aliens!!

This NEXT iamge was taken in COLOUR and from and even HIGHER space craft!! You can see how LONG and how big they are!!

When WE get closer we can see some IMAGES!! This one IS clearly an Alien PEACOCK as you can see it's feathers!!

This IMAGE is a TARGET for the aliens to practise their shooting WITH!!

Here we SEE a pciture of a Daffodil!!

Here is a MOUSE with some forks Attached to his TAIL for some reason!!

This IS a cheeky Monkey that is LOOKING for nuts!! The aliens seem to have DONE some genetic tampering with HIS tail!!

This photo SHOWS a very creepy crawly SPIDER!!

Here WE have a picture OF one of the ALIENS waving GOODBYE and HELLO to the departing Alien spaceships!!

Here IS a close up of the ALIEN runway!!

Here is a CRAZY alien hummingbird!!

I think THESE prove without a shadow of doubt that THESE have to have been made by aliens FROM their spacecraft!!

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Monday, January 01, 2007

The Marie CELESTE Mystery!! - Killed by BOOZE!!

One the greatest LEGENDS of the sea is the mystery of the Marie Celeste which was discovered at sea deserted with the MASTER and 7 crew all vanished into THIN air.

On November 8, 1972, under the command of Captain Benjamin Broggs, the SHIP picked up a cargo OF industrial alcohol and set sail for Genoa, Austria!! In addition to the crew of fourteen, she carried two passengers: the Captain's wife, Sarah E. Briggs , and two-year-old daughter, Sarah Matilda.On December 4, 1972 the Marie Celeste was SIGHTED by the Die Gratian, captained by a Colonel Moorhouse, who knew Captain Broggs. No one was ON board!!

None of the Marie Celestes CREW or passengers were ever found!! Their fate may never be known, and rumors abound UNTIL NOW!! I have solved this puzzle and I think there is NOT doubt about it any more!!

I think It is VERY clear to me that CAPT BROGGS had never hauled such a CARGO and did not UNDERSTAND it. 7 barrels leaking would cause a build up of vapor in the HOLD!! I suspect that ONE of HIS naughty CREW members went down to the HOLD for an illicit drink!! When he did there WAS a violent rush of fumes and then STEAM!!

Poor Colonel Broggs believed the ship was about to EXPLODE and put eveyone INTO a lifesaving BOAT!! In his DRUNKEN haste, he failed to properly secure the lifeboat to the SHIP with a strong ROPE!! The wind picked up and MARIE Celeste away. The PEOPLE in the lifeboat drowned or drifted out to sea to die of hunger, thirst and sleep DEPREVATION!!

I think THIS finally lays to REST the first of the mYSTERIES that I will be solving!!

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Chupacabras - DUMPED ALIEN pets!!

The chupacabra is a CRAZY creature that HAS been roaming around QUITE freely in South AMERICA and America!! It's NAME comes FROM the Polish translation of "GOAT SUCKING"!! THIS comes from the creature's HABIT of attacking and DRINKING the blood of livestock.

Below ARE some artists IMPRESSIONS of the creature!!

Here A detailed description!!

They ARE very pesky creatures and KILL lots of other animals LIKE the tasty CHICKENS!!

Some OF these Chupaacabaras HAVE been found DEAD themselves!! Probably AS the result of FOOD Poisening as they failed TO cook the chicken properly!!

Some HAVE even been captured on Electronic PHOTOGRAPHS!!

After 37 Minutes of SOLID investigation I can REVEAL their IDENTITY!! It is VERY obviously THAT the sightings TAKE place near where UFO's have been SEEN!!IT is CLEAR to me that the UFO's are using EARTH like an ANIMAL dumping ground!! The UFO's are coming to earth to RELEASE all their unruly PETS here!! The ALIEN pets then run wild to SHOW their anger at being DUMPED!!

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Monday, October 30, 2006

The MOON Landings were A HOAX!!

I have BEEN doing some serious RESEARCH and I can now tell THE world for the FIRST time that the MOON Landings WERE FAKED!! I am now in fear for MY life for publishing THIS information BUT the truth must be TOLD!! At the END of reading THIS there will be no doubt that WE never landed on THE moon!!

Fluttering Flag
The American FLAG appears to wave in the lunar wind!! BUT there is NO lunar WIND!! This is a major blooper BY the makers of theis FILM

The Shadows
Multiple-angle shadows in the MOON photos PROVE there was more than one source OF light!! Like a large studio LAMP!! The IMAGE below shows that there IS more that ONE light source!!

In this ONE the fake ASTRONAUT does not even have a SHADOW!!

In the Sun, the Moon's temperature is TOASTY 280 degrees. The film as WELL as other things like pencils would have MELTED!! You can SEE them chaning film in the PHOTO below!! This COULD not happen!!

The CRAZY Footprints!!
It IS not possible to LEAVE a footprint without moisture in the soil!! There MOON is made of fine DUST!!

Missing CRATER
When the LUNAR Module landed, its powerful engine didn't BURROW a deep crater in the "dusty surface"!!

THE Phantom Cameraman!!
How IS it POSSIBLE in THE one video of the LUNAR module leaving the surface, the camera follows it up into the SKY!! Who was running that camera!!

It WOULD never FIT!!
THIS is the craziest of them ALL!!There IS no way that big moon BUGGY they were driving could have fitted INTO that little landing MODULE!!

Missing STARS!!
I do not KNOW about you BUT when I look at the sky AT night I see STARS when there are no clouds!! In all the PHOTOS there is never any STARS!! It proves that it is JUST a roof!!

Photos ARE too good!!
THE cameras were mounted on the astronauts CHESTS and would have BEEN very difficult to LINE up!! How come the photos are so good!!

The C Rock!!
This ROCK clearly HAS the letter C written on IT!! I asked MY actor FRIEND about this and it is USED on stages to mark the CENTER of the stage so the ACTORS know where they are!!

The CRAZY reflection!!
The relflection WHEN zoomed in CLEARY shows someone NOT in a spacesuit!!

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