Friday, January 26, 2007

The NASCAR Lines finally REVEALED!!

The Nascar Lines are gigantic geoglyphs located in the Nascar Desert in PERU!! They were CREATED by the Nascar CULTURE between 200 BC and 600 AD!!The Nazca lines cannot be recognized as coherent FIGURES except from the AIR in a spqceship!! This PROVES that they were BUILT by Alien Helpers so THAT they knew where THEY had lets there CRAZY alien pets!! LETS look at some of these CRAZY images!!

This IMAGE shows from SPACE how straight the LINES are!! They LOOK like a landing STRIP for the Aliens!!

This NEXT iamge was taken in COLOUR and from and even HIGHER space craft!! You can see how LONG and how big they are!!

When WE get closer we can see some IMAGES!! This one IS clearly an Alien PEACOCK as you can see it's feathers!!

This IMAGE is a TARGET for the aliens to practise their shooting WITH!!

Here we SEE a pciture of a Daffodil!!

Here is a MOUSE with some forks Attached to his TAIL for some reason!!

This IS a cheeky Monkey that is LOOKING for nuts!! The aliens seem to have DONE some genetic tampering with HIS tail!!

This photo SHOWS a very creepy crawly SPIDER!!

Here WE have a picture OF one of the ALIENS waving GOODBYE and HELLO to the departing Alien spaceships!!

Here IS a close up of the ALIEN runway!!

Here is a CRAZY alien hummingbird!!

I think THESE prove without a shadow of doubt that THESE have to have been made by aliens FROM their spacecraft!!

More Information: Books about the Nascar Lines!!
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john said...

Those are some interesting finds misfit. Look at these pictures.


Anonymous said...

What the fuck?

ThEmIsFiTiShErE said...

Thank YOU for the links!! I already have A LOT of those on my Ancient ASTRONAUT post!!

alex the gangsta said...

uhhhh dude isnt nascar racing not alians, and why would a mouse have forks with him???// explain that mr.never gonna get laid

Anonymous said...

if the aliens have a target to shoot at.... why dont they shoot at it? i dont see no burns

john said...

What he means is nazca.

Anonymous said...

thats racing

ThEmIsFiTiShErE said...

if the aliens have a target to shoot at.... why dont they shoot at it? i dont see no burns

They USE lasers!! They DO not burn!!

Ed said...

I seen them befor they really cool how do you think that did it?

ThEmIsFiTiShErE said...

Hello ED!!

I think THEY were made by THE aliens cutting lazers INTO the rock!!

Anonymous said...

Misfit, you are brilliant and humorous. Keep up the excellent work.

I especially like your caption regarding the mouse with forks; that one always seemed like something else to me, but now I clearly see it. It's a mouse with forks!

Anonymous said...


Very interesting reading but current professional opinion is that these lines were produced as a cermoney, the people would walk around each line/object praying. Although I agree the sheer size of these lines is incredible there are other ancient cultures out there that prayed in a very similar way but on a lot smaller scale,


Ed said...

Hey the 10th one looks like a runway!

Ed said...

Hey the 10th one down looks like a runway sorry if this is the second time not shore if the first one worked

The Professional said...

I hope all is copesthetic with you. I find it nessesary to inform you of my findings at Nazcar. After my incarceration for stopping the train going up to Machu Pechu (For I had sited some rare orchids with my scope. finding them fastenating. I had to have them)I finished my work at the American Embacey in Lema and headed for Nazcar. While excavating there my team and I made a very shocking discovery.
Finding ancient plans of an engeneous jet purpulsion system and hot air baloons also. My colleagues and I have socumb to the conclusion that it was not.....aliens, but the ancient humans of that time period that had made the direction of art work with the baloons and had a very fastenating race theater with thier primative but extroidinary contraptions. After drinking water from a certain cave (I had found on a map there), my team were surprised at my countenance for I had gone into a vision for a couple of days and had seen the reason for the artwork. The press should release the findings shortly and I'll send you the Maps,Pictures and Drawings.

anonymous said...

I'm not sure about the Alien Waving Goodbye picture, it looks different to all the others...Perhaps it is a fossil? said...

I think some of your readers have clearly been involved in the great `Use of Spelling` brainwashing pulse of 1979.
Terrible shame..

Anonymous said...

LMAO! Top form as usual Misfit, keep up the good work.

Your gay said...

hahah i recognise the hummingbird picture and it was made by the indians in honor of the trail of tears, fuckface.