Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Monument of MARS!!

In my PREVIOUS post about the FACE of mars that was built by the Egyption slaves THIS will examine THE other buildings that WERE found on Mars!! This photo is the ORIGNAL taken by the human spacecraft!!

You can CLEARLY see some other buildings THAT we will now look at IN More detail!!

These CLEARLY show man or alien made Buildings!!

Lets LOOK again at the BIG pictures to SEE where all these objects are in relation TO each other!!

When WE compare these monuments AND Pyramids with THOSE of the ones in EGYPT we find they are both RELATED!!

Also WHEN we link up the MONUMENTS we see that a very SURPRISING pattern emerge!! This is THE Fibonacci Spiral that is well KNOWN in matheymatics!!

Now LOOK what happens when I join UP the dots!! This is PROOF that they were built by Egyption Mathematicians!!

There ARE 2 more things THAT I think proove this as well. The image BELOW is from the Martian surface and this IS followed by WHAT I believe the object was before it was buried BY evil aliens with SAND!!

Finally the biggest PROOF yet!! One of the Martian rovers captured THIS image whilst it was rolling around Merrily on the Martian roads.!! You can clearly see that this is a HAND of one of the Alien Pyramid project managers who obviously suffered AN accident!!

More Information: Books about the Monument of MARS!!
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Mr Johnson said...

Now your just starting to sound like Richard Hoaxland on Coast to Coast AM

Anonymous said...

I love you Misfit.

Anonymous said...

they look like mounds of dirt to me

Anonymous said...

I like your spin off, but how about using your amazing detective skills to answer REAL questions like why does toast always fall buttered side down?

The world could save a fortune in both toast and butter thanks to you.

john said...

I have always found that face curious, and now there are buildings!? You need to watch the first season of Stargate. Te plot goes that Aliens visited egyptians and Ra was an alien who they were forced to worship, but they rebelled, and these people later find a way to get to the planet where the alien is!

Anthony said...

Fascinating, a Fibonacci Spiral .

You know egyptians built alot of temples according to this law. Twas a way to worship the gods, as it was a law found in most of life's assets.

ThEmIsFiTiShErE said...

Now your just starting to sound like Richard Hoaxland on Coast to Coast AM

Who IS that!!

Future_Astronaut said...

Ok, I did a very intense report on Mars, and those "Buildings" as you call them are the product harsh winds.

Mike said... there anything YoU don't know mIsFiT? I'm glad you're not an alien - we need u on OuR sIdE!!!