Monday, October 30, 2006

The MOON Landings were A HOAX!!

I have BEEN doing some serious RESEARCH and I can now tell THE world for the FIRST time that the MOON Landings WERE FAKED!! I am now in fear for MY life for publishing THIS information BUT the truth must be TOLD!! At the END of reading THIS there will be no doubt that WE never landed on THE moon!!

Fluttering Flag
The American FLAG appears to wave in the lunar wind!! BUT there is NO lunar WIND!! This is a major blooper BY the makers of theis FILM

The Shadows
Multiple-angle shadows in the MOON photos PROVE there was more than one source OF light!! Like a large studio LAMP!! The IMAGE below shows that there IS more that ONE light source!!

In this ONE the fake ASTRONAUT does not even have a SHADOW!!

In the Sun, the Moon's temperature is TOASTY 280 degrees. The film as WELL as other things like pencils would have MELTED!! You can SEE them chaning film in the PHOTO below!! This COULD not happen!!

The CRAZY Footprints!!
It IS not possible to LEAVE a footprint without moisture in the soil!! There MOON is made of fine DUST!!

Missing CRATER
When the LUNAR Module landed, its powerful engine didn't BURROW a deep crater in the "dusty surface"!!

THE Phantom Cameraman!!
How IS it POSSIBLE in THE one video of the LUNAR module leaving the surface, the camera follows it up into the SKY!! Who was running that camera!!

It WOULD never FIT!!
THIS is the craziest of them ALL!!There IS no way that big moon BUGGY they were driving could have fitted INTO that little landing MODULE!!

Missing STARS!!
I do not KNOW about you BUT when I look at the sky AT night I see STARS when there are no clouds!! In all the PHOTOS there is never any STARS!! It proves that it is JUST a roof!!

Photos ARE too good!!
THE cameras were mounted on the astronauts CHESTS and would have BEEN very difficult to LINE up!! How come the photos are so good!!

The C Rock!!
This ROCK clearly HAS the letter C written on IT!! I asked MY actor FRIEND about this and it is USED on stages to mark the CENTER of the stage so the ACTORS know where they are!!

The CRAZY reflection!!
The relflection WHEN zoomed in CLEARY shows someone NOT in a spacesuit!!

More Information: Books about the MOON Landings!!, DVDs about the MOON Landings!!
ThEmIsFiTiShErE Solved Quotiant : 99.009%


Anonymous said...

get a life !

john said...

I have always been suspicious of this moon landing. There are many reasons for it to be staged. I don't buy that last pic, but everything else seems legit. You should check this movie out

Anonymous said...

You are such a retard....

Future_astronaut said...

you are such a retard

Anonymous said...

Why is he a retard all you cowardly anon's. I'd love one of you to explain how that buggy fits into the Lunar Module?

Nick said...

Fluttering Flag:
They had difficulty unfurling the flag, as it hung from a metal bar. The bar wasn't fully extended, and moving it around causing the rippling effect. They decided it looked better and left it like that.

Can't explain that but if there were more than one studio lamp, each person would have multiple shadows.

The moon's temperature is actually, at most in the day 123°C, at at minimum it's -233°C. Stuff built for space is built strong enough to withstand high temperatures, so things wouldn't melt that easily.

No moisture is needed to leave a footprint; the boot pressed down in the dust, leaving the mark. Simple.

Missing Crater:
The moon has a very thin layer of dust, only a couple of centimetres, so only the dust would have been blown away; the rest was solid, so it would have been impossible.

The camera was left on the surface and was able to track moving objects - so when the module took off, it tracked it until it couldn't any longer.

Lunar Rover:
The buggy was folded up and took up about as much space as a suitcase would. Then, on the surface it was unfolded with the help of springs.

Missing Stars:
The moon's surface reflects a lot of light. If the exposure of the cameras was long enough to capture the stars, the surface would be too bright to see anything.

Photos were much larger and cropped down, which is why they look better.

The C Rock:
Quite likely just markings on a rock. Nothing artificial.

The CRAZY reflection:
That's not even real.

There we go, there's the facts in bitesize format, which prove your 'evidence' wrong. Next time you 'research', find the actual evidence instead of just looking at pictures you find and deciding your own facts.


Anonymous said...

Hee hee. You nearly had me there. I thought you believed all that conspiracy tripe until I saw that last picture. Nice one!

JediMasterFisher said...

ok misfit you have crossed the line. You must not of SEEN the moon land. IT WAS NOT FAKE. YOU ARE CRAZY!!!

Anonymous said...

HEY ThEmIsFiTiShErE, YOU'RE a retarted IDIOT! ALSO, Your UPPERCASING is retarted.

ThEmIsFiTiShErE Is A Big JERK That eats HIS OWN poop

Mossope said...

I am in full support of what you are doing, however i felt compelled to comment on this, however for the love of all that i sacred in this world, please please don't even dream of passing this of as your research.

Everything you claim to of discovered is pretty much common knowledge. None of this is your findings, it is however alot of stuff that i read when i was about 11 and i'm nearly 25, besides the fact when i first read this stuff it was allready old news.

You even missed out the fact that the rocket that went up wouldn't have made it to the moon, between us and the moon lies a thick band of extreme radiation which the space shuttle wasn't protected against. By the time Mr Armstrong got to the moon he, along with anyone else on board would of been nicely cooked.

You also didn't mention the construction of the lunar lander.... I'll let you look into that one yourself.

And to finnish off, you didn't say anything about the reason the videos were faked. The motivation for this was quite simple, America faked the moon landings simpley so they could appear to beat Russia to the moon, and to live up to the claim that they would put a man on the moon by the end of the sixties.

I respect the fact that you believe in what you're doing, but please for fucks sake stop trying to take credit for other peoples work. I like what you do on both this and yor other site, but you've got alot to learn.

Keep up the work, just give credit where credits due.

p.s. that last picture is such bollocks.

The Grow said...

Anger runs rampant when you post something. It's strange what things people are passionate about.But they called you a retard so their point was well made. I've been to the moon. It's a lovely studio in Hoboken. I got my picture taken with a spaceman.

Anonymous said...

If you look closely at the last Picture you can see that there is a man witha camera pointing AWAY FROM THE ASTRONUAT

Mr Johnson said...

Simple answer to this. Go to

Read that and then make a more informed decision. Misfit you really need to dig deeper for your information. Are getting this off of Coast to Coast AM or Richard Hoaglands website?

Anonymous said...

Oh please.

You are NOT the first person to state about the moon landing being a fake, so get over yourself.

You got some interesting Lost information, but you being the 'first' to say that the landing was fake? wake up and smell the moonrocks, its been stated about it being fake long before you were around.

Mike said...

Another riddle solved! Thanks MiSfIt - you've done it again.....

Klaatu said...

this is idea is based on a Movie called "CAPRICORN ONE" 1978 only they changed the moon to mars

jeff cre said...

i think that last one is photo choped but w.e i dont want u to get all spazzy on me. anyways ya good info but ur still never gonna get laid

Stephanie said...

Misfit you are a genius! Well actually this is all stuff that everybody has heard before and that last picture is totally fake but you are totally right! We never landed on the moon and anybody who still believes we did is stupid and does not deserve to live!

Anonymous said...

You people that think the moon landing are real are a bunch of twats and should die of aids....

why hav'nt they been to the moon since? and why hav'nt any other counrty been there, since techonolgy should have improved... the answer is IT TOO DANGEROUS AND VIRUALLY IMPOSSIBLE...


alvin hanson said...

you got IT all WRONG misfit
THE moon IS not real
ITS a conspiracy by THE clons

Anonymous said...

I want you to read all of and then I want you sit quietly by yourself and think about what you've done.

You tit.

Porter said...

I think you are standing on the right site, and the moon landing is a fake.
But your evidence is just to poor. Nick could blow them away with one breath.
The NASA would not make such simple mistakes, that every fool (who has not even an idea how a photo camera works) can find them.
If they made the photos and videos were made in the desert of Nevada or so... go there and find the identical rocks to the ones on the pictures. ;)

Anonymous said...

I am so blown away! Misfit, you are my hero! Seriously, I never heard of this before and I am so glad you have brought this disturbing revelation to light.

I will do everything I can to spread your words of truth. Why hasn't anyone said this before?!

anonymous said...

Dear ThEmIsFiTiShErEaGaIn,
I am upset that you are helping spread mis-information like this, talking of "THE" moon landings...
The planet known as Earth has more than one moon, so talking of landing on "THE" moon is just plain wrong...
I'm not sure yet just how many moons there are in total, they keep popping up...the one discovered in 2002, called J002E3, is said to be a recent arrival!?!
Whence it came, I cannot say...

Anon said...

Jesus Tapdancing Christ MisFit, I usually enjoy your Lost spoilers but this is just too far. Debunking you, in order:

1) When he shoved it into the ground he had to twist the flag. That started it fluttering. On Earth, it would stop because of air resistance. On the moon, there is no air. Newtons 1st law states all objects in motion remain in motion unless acted upon by another force. There was no other force to stop the flag waving from when he twisted it back and fourth.

2) The Moon has no atmosphere, thus sunlight is not at all filtered. It's very, very bright. It easily reflects off any object, large metallic lunar landers included. The shadows are different because the light is coming at them from different angles because of reflections.

3) It's to HIS left. Look a little closer. It's small, but there.

4) You seriously believe they used regular film? They got special film that could resist the heat and cold.

5) You don't need moisture for a footprint. You apply a force onto soil, and it will sink. Physics 101.

6) It blew away plenty of dust as it came in. Just that wasn't filmed.

7) There was a camera on the lunar landar. That filmed them as it took off.

8) It folds.

9) The moon is very bright. They had to set the F-Stops and shutter speeds ahead of time on the cameras (since they were mounted on their chests) and every other setting so it would just be point and shoot. On the bright side of the moon it's daytime 24/7. Those stars are barely visible. They had to make the cameras capture very little light so the pictures wouldn't be overexposed. The stars weren't bright enough to be picked up.

10) You think they didn't train them a bit to take the pictures? How disappointing would it be to come back to Earth with blurry photos, uneven alignments, and cut-off pictures. They trained them how to take pictures, and it paid off.

11) The original of that picture is fairly blurry and definately not a 'C'. Someone else sharpened it with photoshop and happened to get a 'C' shape.

12) That's clearly faked.

Anonymous said...

Wow Misfit, you're a dumbass.

Anonymous said...

There are explinations to all these things like a wire held the flag out and there were mounter camera (tripod)

Die bold said...

America is fundamentally evil, so that the moon landings were fraudulent is axiomatic.

roy said...

die bold is fundementally gay, so that the communists landed on his moon

Anonymous said...

hey good thing u forgot about this website....atleast do bigfoot

Anonymous said...

i have one thing that proves you wrong by far ok now at the time the russa was trying to get there as fast as us and keeping there progress a secrit.
but at that time they had sent a capsol with a robot in it to land on the moon and plot out the area BUT it whent wrong and crashed into the moon
funny thing is in the bake round of one seen you can see somthing falling from the sky.
nobody put 2 and 2 to gether till just resintly when one of the rusin sientists said they had pland to land neer there and failed.

now im dumb and have horble spelling but you sir with made up stuff make me look good.

also i have good pic tools why dont you post the links to the ofishle picturs on known sites so we know there not doctered

Anonymous said...

Wow good find

Shame the History Channel showed a program about that back in 2002

Anonymous said...

there doesn't need to be moisture to leave a footprint. a fine dust is very impressionable. Step in sand at the beach. you leave a print. The last pick, as well as the "C rock" photos are fake, i've got an eye for that. and, the moon isn't always hot, it does get cold. Shut up you stupid conspiracist, get a life.

Anonymous said...

so i checked, man that is long winded and pro, i dont see such huge arguments about the tooth fairy, why not? only the tooth fairy is absurd, faked moon landing not so absurd now is it? its pro but like on slippery slope, clawing for a grip.

Anonymous said...

Dis is not de way...

Mike O said...

Great work Misfit, indisputable evidence. I have already amended any history books and/or encyclopedias in my possession by ripping out any pages that feature endorsements of the complete fantasy and cruel deception that is the 'moon landing'.